Style Guide: Choose Jewelry to Flatter your Face

There are various different kinds of face shapes, and each shape can be beautified and ravished by flaunting jewelry pieces that best complement it. In this article, we will break down some of the most flattering jewelry pieces for all the common face shapes.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Oval shaped face

Oval faced women tend to have wide temples and forehead, with a curvy chin, making it one of the most versatile and iconic shapes that can flaunt any and every kind of jewelry items. However, if you want to pick out the most flattering pieces for your face shape, we recommend you pick out angular-shaped earrings, such as oval and triangular.


Round face

Much similar to an oval shaped face, a round face tends have soft and curved edges, with a rounded jawline, and women with this face shape must seek accessories that give their rounded face a sharp edginess. We recommend you to try chunky and large hoop earrings, dangle earrings that extend below the neck, and dainty necklaces with pointy pedants and heavy beads.


Square faces

Women with a square face tend to have the same length and width with an angular jawline and squared cheeks. You need to play up jewelry pieces that have you give your angular jawline a soft touch, such as large tear-drop earrings and chunky oval hoops. The trick is to draw attention away from the squared cheeks, which can be achieve with a pair of narrow-style crystal chandelier earrings. Be sure to steer clear of short chokers, and instead, pick out simple pearl strands, and U-shaped necklaces, Even curved pendants are a nice alternative.


Rectangular face

Much similar to a squared-face, rectangular faces tend to be longer rather than wider. Such faces require jewelry places that shroud up the long length of the face, such as a necklace that grazes high up on the neck, pearl drop chokers and other short necklaces that make a bold statement and attract attention to your neck.

Oval-shaped earrings, hooked earrings and large hoops are a great pick to give your squared jawline a soft sensuality, while we strongly urge you to avoid wearing dangle earrings.


Pear Shaped Face

Pear shaped faces tend to have a triangular cut with narrow foreheads and sharp jawlines, while the temple and cheekbones appear finely tapered. You need to pick out jewelry pieces that give your jawline a softer touch, for instance, short necklaces with white zirconia and silver, Swarovski necklaces, and crystal earrings that are narrowed from the bottom. Soft and delicate pair of Swarovski crystal studs are also a great idea!


Heart shaped Face

If you have a heart shaped face, you have wide forehead and cheeks, sculpted into a sharp jawline and sleek chin. You need to flaunt jewelry pieces that make your jawline appear wider and narrow down your forehead. We recommend you to flaunt short and subtle chokers to give your jawline a fullness, and beaded necklaces with chunky gemstones are also a great pick. Tear drop earrings, triangular statements and crystal drop earrings will also help widen your jawline.

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